A Feast of Vegetables

A Feast of Vegetables is an alphabet of 200 recipes for all kinds of vegetables – from asparagus to swede and turnip (there aren’t any British vegetables beginning with ‘z’). Each has a chapter devoted to it, with an explanation as to its origins, nutritional value and uses.

After that, recipes for first courses, accompaniments and main courses follow: from cabbage cooked in cider, and courgettes with marsala, to leeks in a cheese pastry, and spinach fried with chopped walnuts.

John Tovey was one of the first celebrity chefs, making TV programmes for the BBC and writing 17 cookbooks since he opened the Miller Howe hotel in the Lake District in 1971. As the inventor of sticky toffee pudding, his influence is still strong, with many chefs today acknowledging their debt to him.