A Kitchen in Corfu

For many years James Chatto and his wife, Wendy Martin, made their home in the remote village of Loutses, an olive-farming community in the north-east of Corfu. During their first winter, when the tourists had left and the shops and restaurants of the coastal resorts closed, they learned that there was more to Corfiot cooking than they ever imagined.

The Lousiotes take a keen interest in food and were willing teachers. Cooking from memory, measuring the ingredients by eye and correcting the seasoning by frequent tasting, they had preserved their recipes without ever writing them down.

The chapters follow the framework of landscape: the hills and sea, the olive groves and vineyards, orchards and vegetable gardens where the villagers hunt and grow their food. Over the centuries culinary influences from all over the Mediterranean have been absorbed and freely adapted to suit the extraordinary variety of produce that grows on this beautiful and very fertile island.

This is a beautifully written book that explains the cultural and historical significance behind every ingredient and dish. Delicious recipes include artichokes in egg and lemon sauce, grilled wild duck and honey doughnuts.