A Day in the Life: Mikkel Karstad

Some folks seem to get that work-play-swim-life balance just right. Copenhagen chef, cookbook author, daily swimmer and father of four Mikkel Karstad is one of them. He explains how he keeps the different areas of his life working in harmony.

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Mikkel Karstad: the Danish chef on Borgen, Gordon Ramsay, and cooking with the seasons

The morning we speak Mikkel Karstad posted on Instagram a petrol-blue sea below ominous clouds. Water temperature, 1C, wind chill, -20C, according to the caption.

This is the Danish chef’s dawn swim, which he undertakes every other day in the Oresund strait, between Denmark and Sweden, after sharing the view with his 34,500 followers.

The rest of his feed comprises extraordinarily beautiful images of barley soup, ginger tea and blackcurrant-stained lamb (his latest dishes), and the occasional golden-haired child (he has four, aged between four and 16).

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Mikkel preparing a herb gremolata

Mikkel preparing pumpkin pickle