Cooking for Christmas

‘The moment that Britain changed from a nation that regarded olive oil as a pharmaceutical aid and garlic with deep suspicion, to a country comprised of cooking-obsessed epicureans can be traced to November 1978. This was the date when Sainsburys published a small book called Cooking for Christmas by Josceline Dimbleby’ Polly Russell, The Financial Times.

Over 60 mouthwatering recipes feature in this revised and updated edition, which also includes the best of the Josceline Dimbleby Christmas Book published in 1987. Classic recipes such as the veal, lemon and parsley stuffing for turkey, featherlight cheese biscuits and the superlative orange pastry for mince pies are reproduced for a new audience. Practical advice on how to take the stress out of cooking over the entire holiday season is delivered in the author’s famously warm and confident style.

Josceline Dimbleby was brought up both abroad and in England. She has been one of Britain’s most popular food writers for over thirty years. Her cookery books have sold well over 2 million copies in the UK alone, and been translated into many languages. Her first book A Taste of Dreams, published in 1976, won the Andre Simon Award for the best cookery book of the year.?? Since then she has published seventeen cookery books and was cookery correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph newspaper for 15 years, winning a Glenfiddich Award for her pieces on India and the Far East.

Her book Orchards in the Oasis – Recipes, Travels and Memories was published in October 2010 and won the Kate Whiteman Award for Work on Food and Travel at the Guild of Food Writers Awards in June 2011.

Josceline continues to travel widely, writes occasionally on travel and food for various publications, gives live talks and contributes to television and radio programmes.