Moorish Recipes

John Crichton-Stuart, (1881-1947) 4th Marquess of Bute, shared his father’s enthusiasm for architecture. Amongst his restoration projects were Caerphilly Castle in Wales and Robert Adam’s north side of Charlotte Square in Edinburgh.

An avid collector, he built up important collections of art, silver, money, stamps and furniture. He developed a particular interest in the history and culture of Morocco, where he became the largest foreign landowner. At Tangier, he also established the famous El Minzah Hotel and became proprietor of the English language newspaper, The Tangier Gazette.

The book was clearly a labour of love for the Marquess, who wanted to distill the food of Northern Africa into a concise yet comprehensive volume for ‘Europeans who wish to make Moroccan dishes’ and so privately printed a small number of copies in 1951. A trade edition followed in 1955 and both are widely believed to be the first books on Moroccan cooking ever published. Recipes from the book have been cooked and reviewed by chefs worldwide.

With a new foreword by the present Marquess, the 80 or so recipes that follow have been adapted and updated for the modern kitchen. Readers may like to try the faithful adapatation for ‘Locust Bread’.