Poor Cook

Originally published in 1971 at the height of the oil crisis recession and the rising threat of supermarket convenience foods, Poor Cook rapidly became a household classic and is still reviewed in lifestyle magazines today.

‘Eating cheaply does not mean buying inferior expensive ingredients, but good cheap ones. Happily people who love cooking like to make the most of humble ingredients, and positively enjoy turning a plain packet of semolina into a dish of melting, fragrant gnocchi…’

Economically challenged as we are again in 2015, this is the perfect way to reduce the family grocery bill and at the same time produce simple classic food. Over 300 classic recipes that you can’t find in modern cookery books such as Baked Eggs, Kedgeree, Steak and Kidney Pudding and Apple Dumplings sit easily alongside the author’s love of French and Italian cuisine. Pot-au-feu, Clafoutis, Risotto Milanese and Coffee Granita as well as many other international dishes make their appearance here.

Practical information as to the most inexpensive cuts of meat, metric conversions, temperature charts, roasting tables and essential larder ingredients make this book a timely addition to every kitchen.