The Power of the Polaroid

Uber-stylist and storyteller Jo Hambro showcases some of her vast, personal collection of
polaroids, notebooks and moodboards taken from the fashion shoots she worked on over the last
two decades. Her close friends and collaborators, Sir Elton John and David Furnish, have
written the foreword.
The book contains previously unseen images of Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, Daniel Craig,
Benicio del Toro, Ozzy Osbourne and David Beckham. Interviews with the photographers
who took these pictures include David LaChapelle, Peter Lindbergh, the Douglas Brothers,
Paolo Roversi, Gavin Bond, Julian Broad, Guzman and Dana Lixenberg. Book design by Michael
Nash Associates.

Singapore Colonial Style

The Arts & Crafts designs found in Singapore’s famous black and white houses remain as inspirational today as they did in the early twentieth century.  This new collection, specially shot by acclaimed photographer Michael Freeman, showcases over 23 buildings, from Raffles Hotel, the High Commissioner’s residence and airbase camps to private houses that have not been photographed before.  Inside, a dazzling cornucopia of styles, in which modern art, period antiques and contemporary furniture are arranged together, provide rich source material for the East meets West design enthusiast.

Charles Orchard’s company iBal Designs specialises in Asian furniture design and manufacture.  He has published ten books on luxury interior style.  Luli Orchard was the Fashion Editor at the Sunday Telegraph Magazine before moving to Bali with Charles and their family.  Recently she has worked for Tatler, Conde Nast Traveller and Porter magazine.


When Colin Tennant first laid eyes on the white sands and turquoise waters of Mustique in 1958, and decided to buy it there and then, fifty extraordinary years have passed. This anniversary edition charts the history of beautiful people doing beautiful things in a beautiful place; from the houses they built, to the parties they gave.

Conversations and interviews with many of these unique individuals are included, together with the iconic imagery created by the world’s most famous photographers who either owned a house or visited the island regularly. Patrick Lichfield, Robert Mapplethorpe, Slim Aarons, Kate Martin and Bryan Adams are contributors, amongst many others.

The economic development of Mustique has provided a blueprint for luxury destinations worldwide, and the history of how the Mustique Company came into being, helped along bysome of the world’s most powerful CEOs, is a fascinating business study in itself. The philosophy, since inception, has remained true: Mustique is a community, not a resort, which takes care of everyone who lives, works and stays there.

Investment in Mustique underwrites all the conservation, ecological and environmental planning, and provides financial support for the local communities in St Vincent. This combination, as they say, could only happen on Mustique.


This title is only available through The Mustique Company.  Clearview Books was delighted to be chosen to create this exclusive book for them.


Testimonial –

Briefly, I write because I have finally sat down with your Mustique book and I want to congratulate you. I have not read the whole thing yet, but what I have read and seen is superb.

I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to put together; how many loops and hurdles you must have encountered, how many tedious legal discussions you must have endured and how many huge egos you will have had to juggle. And yet the book is balanced, elegant and beautiful, and more importantly it tells a real story. You are one courageous woman. It is a huge achievement. I do hope you are feeling proud.

Thank you very much for my copy.
Ariana Rodger

The Orchard Cook

From the first ripe cherries in early summer to the deep autumnal flavours of quince and medlar, The Orchard Cook contains over 80 sweet and savoury recipes.  Classic dishes such as fruit pies and tarte tatin sit happily alongside new discoveries like oysters with apple mignonette and pear juice-soused mackerel.  Pickles, vinegars and chutneys are essential in using up surplus produce, and recipes for drinks and smoked foods help to stock the larder for the self-sufficient cook.

Stuart Ovenden is a freelance food photographer, stylist and writer whose clients include Conde Nast Traveller, Delicious, Olive and Waitrose.  Prior to this he spent seven years on the team at BBC Good Food Magazine, the UK’s biggest selling food magazine.  Stuart is passionate about growing, foraging and preparing food from his garden orchard in the countryside.

Quiet Pattern

Quiet Pattern is an exploration of designs that deliver the gentlest of backdrops for your home, creating a peaceful sanctuary in which to retreat and recharge from everyday life. Starting with quiet pattern’s historical roots and close links to nature, we are introduced to contemporary, artisanal designers around the world, who reveal their inspirations, work and living spaces. The book also examines how quiet pattern can be used in a practical way at home, room by room. Delicate and inspiring, this is a book for everyone interested in pattern that is unobstrusive, calming and a little magical.

Abigail began her career studying fine art at Wimbledon School of Art in London and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. After a brief stint assisting in galleries in New York, a passion for interiors took over and she returned to London to style shoots and write about interiors for a diverse range of editorial and commercial clients; such as Ikea, The White Company, Marks & Spencer, Harrods, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, House & Garden and Country Living amongst many others. She was also Deputy Decorating Editor at Country Homes & Interiors magazine for several years.

Abigail launched her first wallpaper collection in 2011, the award winning, hand drawn designs now grace the walls of homes and commercial spaces around the world. Her products, including handmade ceramics, are available via her online shop.

The Accidental Botanist

Global adventurer Robbie Honey spends much of his time searching out and deconstructing some of the world’s most exotic flowers. This book features more than 90 specimens collected from as far afield as the Malaysian rainforest,  the African veldt, and an English churchyard. No plant is beyond reach.

Each specimen is meticulously laid out and photographed using an iPhone, as soon as it is picked, to create miniature plant portraits. Robbie’s fresh approach gives traditional botany a contemporary edge. Arranged by colour – red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink, then white – the plants are highly accessible as well as beautiful to look at. Botany, at last, has been transformed for a modern audience.

Robbie was born and brought up in Harare, Zimbabwe and studied horticulture, interior design and photography in England, Holland, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. He trained in event floristry in London, under Ming Veevers Carter, and started his own company counting Hermes, Dior, Valentino and Vivienne Westwood amongst his many clients. Robbie lectures and holds masterclasses in floristry at the flower schools in London, Beijing, Seoul, New York and Virginia, USA.  He has amassed a huge international following on social media.

From Fibre to Fabric

It’s not just a question of how fabric looks, but also how fabric performs.

All fabrics have their own history and unique characteristics, and in order to make the right choices for our furniture, cushions and curtains we need to understand what these are.  Here is a book that combines all the technical knowledge about the complex processes that created them, together with gorgeously inspirational images, showing textiles and fabrics in their finished form.

Times have moved on in the fabric world, and with the plethora of different fibres, yarns and fabrics on offer it’s no surprise that even professional interior designers can be forgiven for not understanding the complexities of the materials they are working with, let alone the customer.  With this book, however, you will be both educated and inspired to help make the right choice for your home.

Chris Halsey has spent over 40 years working with fabric and textiles, developing product ranges for Heals, Habitat, The Conran Shop and most notably Designer’s Guild where he worked closely with Tricia Guild developing her eponymous ranges.

Wilhelmine van Aerssen is an interior design agent for world famous brands including Designer’s Guild, Ralph Lauren, Nina Campbell and Nobilis.  Concern for the lack of technical knowledge in traditional and modern fabric production, both in terms of textile training and information available (you will not find anything on the internet) was the motivation for writing the book.

Veggie Very Much

Radiating bohemian summer glamour, Veggie Very Much is the culmination of Mirjam Leslie-Pringle’s mission to bring easy vegetarian cooking to a time-poor (and possibly sunlight deprived) urban population. Shot entirely on location at the Mirjiam’s home in Ibiza, she has created nearly 100 beautiful recipes using the island’s luscious fruit and vegetables.   Ideas for healthy and filling dishes move through the day, from nectarines with Greek yoghurt for breakfast to delicious homemade pizzas for supper, with plenty of family and friends to enjoy them.

Mirjam Leslie-Pringle has worked for over 15 years as a lifestyle journalist and photographer in Los Angeles, New York and the Netherlands. Married to an English film director, the family made their home in Ibiza, and inspired by the gorgeous produce available she began her blog VeggieVeryMuch to showcase accessible vegetarian recipes. The blog is wild success, accumulating over 100,000 followers.

My Artistic Interiors

Suzanne Loggere is an internationally renowned interior decorator, working with and agenting some of the biggest names in design, including Colefax & Fowler, Mulberry Home, Etro, Elitis, Rubelli and Larsen. After thirty years of guiding numerous interior design projects to their dazzling conclusions, Suzanne is sharing her tricks of the trade and her profound expertise with you.

Suzanne’s great love and speciality is colour and how to use it as effectively as possible to create the right mood and setting in the interior. In ten chapters the complete ‘artistic’ palette is covered, from White on White to Reds & Pinks, from Yellow’s Revival to Rustic Neutrals, no detail is overlooked in her quest for the ultimate finishing touch. A detailed mood board with practical advice on what goes with what concludes each chapter, leaving the reader with a number of inspirational ideas and options for the home.

Spice for Life

As every good Indian cook knows, real Indian food is always made at home, in which the combination of spices and ingredients are closely guarded secrets. In this book, chef Anjula Devi reveals over 100 secret family recipes that are not just delicious but healthy and wholesome too. Using only the freshest ingredients, ranging from slow cooked Lamb Dhansak to quick stir-fried Asparagus with Coconut, from breakfast through to supper, each dish is clearly explained and easy to follow. Whether you’re an expert or a novice at cooking Indian food, the results will be mouthwatering and good for you.

Anjula’s food is like no other.  ‘With her effortless charm and encyclopaedic knowledge of her craft, she’s set to blaze a trail is a new domestic goddess’ The Daily Mail

Born and brought up in Southall in the early 1970s, by the age of ten, Anjula Devi was grinding and blending spices to perfection, taught by her father who was a brilliant and inspirational cook.  Using fresh ingredients from their back garden and from the market, they invented dishes that drew in all of their neighbours. Anjula has made Indian food her career, passing on the wealth of knowledge accumulated with her father. She has founded her own cooking school, demonstrates at BBC Good Food Shows, has been appointed Brand Ambassador for the world’s largest Indian food company TRS Foods and created her own brand – ‘Route 207’. The brand is named after the London bus journey which Anjula and her father used to make to buy spices, vegetables and fresh fish.