Thinking and Living Like an Architect

by Alex Michaelis and Tim Boyd

Michaelis Boyd (MB) was formed in 1995 by Alex Michaelis and Tim Boyd and has established itself as a practice producing simple, elegant architecture with an environmental emphasis. Alex and Tim met whilst working in the same practice and prior to doing so, had worked for Richard Rogers & Partners, Colquhoun and Wickham and Associates.

Clients include UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, Harry Enfield, the film director Paul Weiland and numerous media and financial leaders. It was working for Nick Jones’s Soho House Group that they first made their mark, and with Babington House and the Electric Cinema in Portobello Road in particular.

The book is structured into three chapters: ‘Houses in the City’, ‘Houses in the Country’ and ‘Places People Go To’. Stunning photography throughout not only shows the reader what the end result will be, but unusually for most architecture books, MB is keen to show what the construction work looks like as well. This is intended to be a ‘warts and all’ book, unlike most titles in the genre which only show the finished project. If you are embarking on a total overhaul of a listed building, starting from scratch or just remodeling a basement, then this book will show you what to expect from the start.

These are houses that are fun, quirky and above all, have a sense of humour. They are spaces you really want to eat, live or stay in. Commissions for MB have extended far beyond the UK, with projects in France, Germany and Los Angeles in particular. Tim Boyd and Alex Michaelis run a vibrant and very busy practice.

Click below to take a look at Alex Michaelis’ extraordinary home in West London in this article by Talib Choudhry in The Telegraph Magazine.

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Friends and business partners Alex Michaelis, 51, and Tim Boyd, 57, co-founded their  firm in 1995. Their projects stretch from Botswana to Battersea Power Station, where  they are currently designing 265 apartments. 

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Fusing functional design and family fun in the British architect’s London home.

London-based architect Alex Michaelis takes a boundary-pushing approach to sustainability as one half of design duo Michaelis Boyd. Best known for giving an eco-makeover to the London home of former Prime Minister David Cameron—which included installing a wind turbine on the roof—the pair have taken on the interiors of the monumental Battersea Power Station redevelopment project.

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When Alex Michaelis and Tim Boyd, the design duo behind Michaelis Boyd, installed a wind turbine on David Cameron’s roof in 2006, they captured a mid-noughties zeitgeist for modern middle-class living.

But it wasn’t their £600,000 eco makeover of the Cameron family’s North Kensington home – which included the installation of a 660-gallon rainwater tank under the garden to provide water for flushing lavatories and washing – that made Michaelis Boyd a byword for boundary-pushing living spaces. In the previous decade, the pair had created chic interiors for the London members club Soho House, Somerset spa hotel Babington House and the Electric on Portobello Road.