From Fibre to Fabric

The Ultimate Guide to Soft Furnishings by Chris Halsey and Wilhelmine van Aerssen

It’s not just a question of how fabric looks, but also how fabric performs.

All fabrics have their own history and unique characteristics, and in order to make the right choices for our furniture, cushions and curtains we need to understand what these are.  Here is a book that combines all the technical knowledge about the complex processes that created them, together with gorgeously inspirational images, showing textiles and fabrics in their finished form.

Times have moved on in the fabric world, and with the plethora of different fibres, yarns and fabrics on offer it’s no surprise that even professional interior designers can be forgiven for not understanding the complexities of the materials they are working with, let alone the customer.  With this book, however, you will be both educated and inspired to help make the right choice for your home.

Chris Halsey has spent over 40 years working with fabric and textiles, developing product ranges for Heals, Habitat, The Conran Shop and most notably Designer’s Guild where he worked closely with Tricia Guild developing her eponymous ranges.

Wilhelmine van Aerssen is an interior design agent for world famous brands including Designer’s Guild, Ralph Lauren, Nina Campbell and Nobilis.  Concern for the lack of technical knowledge in traditional and modern fabric production, both in terms of textile training and information available (you will not find anything on the internet) was the motivation for writing the book.