Making Sense of Food and Wine

Concepts for Combinations by Christina Fischer

8In the past decade alone, globalisation has presented us with very diverse culinary products and influences and we love to eat them all.  Together with the international wine market’s ever-changing array of products, finding our bearings in this maze of choice can be complex and intimidating.  No longer.  Here is a book that covers an extraordinarily broad range of options, from what to drink with an everyday slice of bread with ham or cheese, or curry, to a multi-course gourmet meal.

Comprehensive charts showing the breakdown of wines into groups, which glasses to use for which wines, a systematic approach to food with notes on minerals, phenols, fats and proteins and finally a selection of superb recipes all make the selection process fantastically clear.  Not only that, but interesting notes on what foods make wine unpalatable – for instance, yoghurt or ice-cream – and a chapter on cheese and wine makes it the most practical of guides on the market today.

Interviews with some of Europe’s leading wine makers and chefs also help to show us that, in observing a few simple rules, experimentation is absolutely necessary and having fun the most important rule of all.


Christina Fischer is one of Germany’s best known women sommeliers, and has won countless awards including Sommelier of the Year, the ProReisling Award, Wine by the Glass Award, Wine School of the Year, Best Award of Excellence and many more.  Vinophile ‘detective-work’ is the way she describes her profession, and she is rapidly becoming a known European expert.  She has written numerous articles and books, and for many years ran Fischer’s Restaurant in Cologne, where her expertise on food and wine combinations was developed.