Gøne Fishing

Fish Recipes from a Nordic Kitchen by Mikkel Karstad

From the moment when, as a small boy, Mikkel Karstad held a fishing rod and caught his first ‘gigantic’ cod, he was hooked … and each summer would return to his family’s homes by the sea and river to catch as many varieties as he could. Watching the fish he’d caught being transformed into the freshest and most deliciously simple dishes not only inspired him to train as a chef, but also to source fish from more mindful, sustainable and underfished breeds than was customary.

In this book, Karstad returns to his hunter-gatherer roots to show how delicious, inexpensive and easy it is to cook seafood. While there are plenty of familiar fish to choose from, the more unusual species such as razor clams, zander, ray and garfish are what grab the attention. Wild edibles such as pine shoots, sea sandwort, wood sorrel and heather are used regularly in over 80 recipes, revealing the author’s knowledge of the natural world, and his skill in harnessing its bounty.

‘If ever there has been a cause for plate envy, or indeed life envy, this is it’ The Daily Telegraph

‘Here’s the thing about all things Scandi: they’re just so good at making simple things work beautifully’ The Pool

Danish chef and author Mikkel Karstad urges you to turn your attention to sustainable and under-fished species.  For a feature about his food philosophy in the May issue of Country & Town House, click here.  You can also try out a recipe of crab salad with asparagus, dill, radish and toasted rye-bread taken from his book title Gøne Fishing.  

It’s Seafood Week from 7-14 October, so what better excuse to get fish on the menu? Enjoy the bounty of ocean and river with a week’s-worth of recipes from Mikkel Karstad’s new cookbook Gøne Fishing, as featured in the October issue of Good Things Magazine.