by Sjoerd Spendel & Lennart de Jong

In 2011, the photographers Sjoerd Spendel & Lennart de Jong started a project on Tumblr entitled ‘365 Days’.  The brief was to take ‘one photograph a day, in black & white, for 365 days.’  Their aim was to capture the zeitgeist of a whole year by getting out on the road to take pictures. Three years on, the project has gained over 300,000 followers.  As De Jong says,  ‘at 50,000 people we thought,  ‘this is crazy, it’s a stadium full.’  But the interest in our project just kept growing’.  That interest includes a number of hip brand names, who are cleverly incorporated into the overall story.

Now their work is available as a beautifully crafted photographic book, in which anything from a road trip with friends, a pint of beer, pictures of cats or the buttons on a Parka are pictured.  A large number of  unpublished images are included, alongside the authors’ quirky commentary.

Sjoerd Spendel (22) discovered digital photography at 18 which kickstarted a passion for the medium.  A master blogger, he is the founder of, amongst others, ServedFresh.nl and LOIIS.nl.

Lennart de Jong (26) works in and has a passion for photography and travelling. In real life, Lennart works on developing branded content for advertising and marketing campaigns.