Discovering the Meaning of Flowers

Love Found, Love Lost, Love Restored by Shane Connolly

Even now, when modern technology has made information so easy to exchange, some words are still hard to say. In this book, Shane Connolly examines the language of flowers in the context of love – that most tricky and subtle of emotions. Using a selection of over fifty gorgeous plants, Shane demonstrates how flowers, whether as single stems or as part of an arrangement, can reveal what our lovestruck, lovelorn or love-renewed selves are too wary or tongue-tied to express. Over eight practical projects, including simple wild strawberry wedding buttonholes and a biodegradable funeral arrangement, communicate their own exclusive and personal message.

Shane Connolly rocketed to global prominence when, as floral designer to HRH The Prince of Wales he designed the flowers for the 2011 wedding of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. Since then he has won a second Royal Warrant, this time to HM The Queen. He has run Shane Connolly Flowers for over 20 years, which has a sophisticated, discreet and international clientele. He lectures and holds regular masterclasses in the USA, Japan and London.

Shane Connolly will be returning to America and running three masterclasses at FlowerSchool New York between 10th-13th April –

Mastering the Art of Bouquets  /  Sustainable Practices in the Style of Constance Spry with Shane Connolly  /  A Salute to Queen Victoria: Decor and Traditional Tea

His delicacy of composition, hand-wiring skills, and taste level completely elevates this craft.

For further details of these masterclasses click here.

Flowers often express the things we find hard to put in to words. Shane Connolly introduces The Flower Patch readers to the intriguing art of floriography.  Click here to see the full article in the March issue.

Style & Market Editor Dayle Wood heads to the Oxfordshire countryside with FlowerSchool New York to reap a royal tutelage in the wild art of English florals. Read the full article in the February issue of Veranda magazine by clicking here.

Let wedding flowers send a green message, says royal florist Shane Connolly in the Financial Times.  The most thoughtful displays accept the constraints imposed by season and local provenance.  Read more of Shane’s invaluable advice and the abundance of less by clicking here.

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‘What I do is like good cooking – if you have beautiful ingredients, you can’t go wrong’.  Read more of this article by clicking here.

Meet the florist to the royals who thinks heaven smells like lily of the valley.  Shane Connolly talks to Alice Hancock of The Financial Times.

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Shane will be demonstrating and talking at two interesting events in the forthcoming weeks.  Don’t miss the opportunity to hear his pearls of wisdom at the FT Weekend Festival event at Kenwood House in Hampstead on Saturday, 2nd September.  For further details click here.

He will also be talking at Hauser & Wirth Somerset in Bruton on Friday, 8th September.  Click here for further details.

Click below to read Shane Connolly’s article in The Financial Times about how Constance Spry helped loosened the rigid constraints of contemporary floristry in the 20th Century, and how Britain’s surviving flower farmers today are diversifying to appeal to new audiences, and new entrepreneurs are emerging.

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A lovely piece on Shane and the book appears in the March-April issue.  Click here to view.

Holloways, the British-made conservatory and luxury garden furniture store located in the Worcestershire countryside, offers a lovely review of Shane’s book explaining the lost art of Floriography to a modern audience.

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