by David Yarrow

‘The book is a product of many deliberately planned trips to Nowhere. The sense of privilege of  arriving in many of these places was in many cases born out of the comfort of knowing that I would also be leaving’ – David Yarrow

From tiny fishing villages perched on Greenland’s rocky crags through to the deserts of southern Australia, ‘Nowhere’ achieves the dual feat of photographing what feels like a vast emptiness within which small communities have managed to survive. In other words, each Nowhere can sustain a Somewhere and ultimately, a sense of belonging.

  • A uniquely personal view of some of the world’s remotest spots, accessible only to those with the determination to get there.
  • Original photography, unseen and to date, privately published.
  • Pays homage to the environment – its virgin beaches, unexplored ice formations and untouched deserts.