The Orchard Cook

Recipes from Tree to Table by Stuart Ovenden

From the first ripe cherries in early summer to the deep autumnal flavours of quince and medlar, The Orchard Cook contains over 80 sweet and savoury recipes.  Classic dishes such as fruit pies and tarte tatin sit happily alongside new discoveries like oysters with apple mignonette and pear juice-soused mackerel.  Pickles, vinegars and chutneys are essential in using up surplus produce, and recipes for drinks and smoked foods help to stock the larder for the self-sufficient cook.

Stuart Ovenden is a freelance food photographer, stylist and writer whose clients include Conde Nast Traveller, Delicious, Olive and Waitrose.  Prior to this he spent seven years on the team at BBC Good Food Magazine, the UK’s biggest selling food magazine.  Stuart is passionate about growing, foraging and preparing food from his garden orchard in the countryside.

Once more the Telegraph turns to Stuart Ovenden’s outstanding book to review his soused mackerel with pear juice, rhubarb and ginger.  The gift which keeps on giving…to read the recipe, click below.

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Stuart Ovenden urges Telegraph readers to discover their inner pagan with his superb Wassail recipe using cider and damson gin.  Perfect for those cold November evenings.  To read the recipe, click below.

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The wassailing season is a time to connect with friends and family, so click here to see Stuart’s special recipe featured in the January issue of In the Moment which is out now.

Whether it’s Stuart Ovenden’s puff pastry baked Camembert with quince or his Morrocan his lamb, you can view a selection of his seasonal recipes this month on the Countryfile magazine website.  Or if you fancy making a cider and damson gin wassail, just click here to see how to create it.

Stuart Ovenden has to be one of the most skilled food photographers around today, but his talents don’t stop there…  Click here to see a selection of his delicious recipes and amazing photography featured in October’s edition of Country Living magazine.

Stuart Ovenden shows you exciting new ways to celebrate this season’s apples and pears.  Click here to see Olive magazine’s extract from his title The Orchard Cook – Recipes from Tree to Table.  They loved his taste tatin so much they’ve put it on the front cover!