The Pleasures of Eating Well

Nourishing Favourites from the COMO Shambhala Kitchen by Christina Ong

For years the COMO Shambala team has promoted energy, wellness, and an inner glow through food across their exclusive international resorts. Now, COMO are throwing open their kitchens, revealing over 140 nutritional and holistic recipes designed to deliver pleasure, confidence, inspiration, and an overall healthy living philosophy.

This book features recipes that can fit into any time of day: a juice, a broth, a salad. The recipes are also suitable for different social circumstances, whether you are eating alone, or among family and friends. What the recipes don’t do is fit into one prescriptive way of eating – raw, macrobiotic or otherwise. COMO Shambhala mixes up different approaches with a few common threads, chief among them being avoidance of processed foods, which goes back to Christina Ong’s grandmother’s earliest inspirations. Eating well is instinctive; COMO Shambhala Cuisine honours the belief that our bodies tell us all we need to know. Eating well is about energy and flavour, not calorie-counting.

This is the first time COMO Hotels and Resorts have gathered the most popular dishes in a single book. The recipes have been simplified wherever possible for the home cook while retaining a few challenging recipes for those with more confidence in the kitchen.


Christina Ong is one of the world s most successful Singaporean entrepreneurs, known for her investments in fashion and luxury hotel resorts, having set up Club 21, the Metropolitan Hotels and COMO Shambhala worldwide.

Christina Ong has always felt at home in the kitchen. Growing up, she watched her grandmother cook, and picked up a passion for food and the pleasure it brings to the family table. Her grandmother made everything from scratch, with few machines. She made her own rice flour, her own vegetable and chicken stocks and collected sea kelp to use as a gelling agent, never relying on processed packaged foods. To those experiences Christina Ong then added numerous trips to Italy – many of them because of her fashion business – where she started to appreciate how simple really good food could be. She learnt how important it was to source the right ingredients: fresh, local, seasonal.

On Monday, November 14th, over 60 media, influencers, and friends gathered at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen in downtown Manhattan to toast the launch of COMO Shambhala’s “The Pleasures of Eating Well.”

Chefs Daniel Moran and Timothy de Souza presented upwards of 20 dishes from the pages of the cookbook, while Eve Persak spoke with guests about the process of compiling the recipes and their unique nutritional components.

Click here for a preview of the evening.

The Pleasures of Eating Well: Nourishing Favourites from the COMO Shambhala Kitchen, gathers the most popular dishes served at the author’s COMO Hotels and Resorts in a single book, whether it be a salad, fish dish, raw juice or main. It is an approach honed over a 10-year period working with leading-edge chefs, nutritionists and Ayurvedic doctors who make up COMO’s expert staff and is featured here in COMO Stories magazine.