Pervasive Creativity in Asia by Kunal Sinha and David Mayo

Commissioned by Ogilvy Asia (previously Ogilvy and Mather) ‘Raw’ examines in detail how Asian creativity translates into commercial sense. In 324 pages we are shown, through sumptuous photography and incisive text, how creativity in Asia is borne out of adversity, opportunism, humour, competition and social networks.

Using everyday examples from the world that modern business has to survive in, the book shows that creativity is not just a form of self-expression anymore. It is a business necessity. Without it, your business will wither and die.

This phenomenon is nowhere more obvious than in the crowded and noisy nations of Asia, the global economic epicentre. Here, millions of people across vibrant and throbbing cultures achieve their goals through tenacity, creativity and imagination.

The book looks in detail at the conditions that require creativity, using examples from the everyday, urban, street environments across the continent: China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Incredible photography by renowned son and father duo Steffen and Thomas Billhardt, and author-photographer Kunal Sinha demonstrates, perhaps more powerfully than words, all the complex tenets of Asian creative thinking.