Interior Design as a Reflection of Who We Are by Harriet Anstruther

Harriet Anstruther is a leading interior designer whose work has featured in the “New York Times T Magazine” amongst many others. This, Harriet Anstruther’s first book, showcases her projects and inspirations and provides an insight into her fundamental interest in the psychology of interior design. Through an examination of our most fundamental needs, like shelter, warmth, light, dark, establishing roots and a sense of romanticism, Harriet Anstruther reveals the essential truths at the core of interior design.  Her ability to mix classical and modern, old and new, traditional and quirky is shown through a series of images, which display the broad range of her inspirations.  Her interest in, and knowledge of classical and contemporary art begins to merge seamlessly together with her interiors.  Linking these seemingly disparate influences together, Harriet shows how the way we design and decorate our homes reveals our innermost desires and fears.

In the skilled hands of Harriet Anstruther, a pattern is brought to the chaos, an hospitable order to the contradictions…to create a series of unexpected spaces for serious entertaining, stimulating working or superior everyday living’.   Tom Dixon

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